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Why travel?

I’ll tell you why. These are 10 reasons why i think you should and if this does not convince you then maybe you need a few therapy sessions.

There’s a lot to see.

I could bore you with facts about the measurements of the earth but I’ll save you the time and just tell you that despite the world being a global village, in actuality, it is still very ginormous! It could literally take you 11 years just to walk around it so why would you want live in just one tiny part of it all your life? Don’t you think could be missing out on something great somewhere? There is a lot more to see outside your little bubble. So just do it, go on and pack a bag and go someplace new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a different country or continent, it could be a different region, or county, or state.


It’s a lot easier than you think it is.

I know and understand that there’s the money factor and visa factor, trust me i know the struggle of having a green passport and a bank account that doesn’t match your fancy but truthfully, you don’t need a luxurious holiday to actually have a good time. In this day and age all you need for a perfect holiday is the internet and enough cash (not tons of it) to get around and you’re good to go. With the internet you’d have access to google maps, uber to go anywhere in case you have trouble using public transport. Wherever you are you would have ready information about what to do and places to go. Getting lost or stranded should be difficult. So go on, plan that trip already!




The experiences you get from travelling are just priceless. The memories you make, the interactions you have with different souls, the state of awe you’re in from seeing new things, it’s just an amazing feeling. It leaves lasting impressions in your heart, mind and soul that  that no book or video can give you, you wouldn’t trade for anything. And also you’d have the most amazing bar stories to tell!



Tap into your adventurous side.

Everyone has a bit of wanderlust in them. I’m pretty sure you’ve imagined before what it feels like to sky dive, surf waves, zip line, snorkel and all these exciting and daring things you haven’t done before. Why not make your dream come true? Give yourself that satisfation.

Its education.

Classroom education is good don’t get me wrong but the knowledge you acquire when travel and experience new things, you can’t get it from a text book.  What is better than learning about the history of a group of people than for the people themselves?




Are you a writer or a content creator? do you feel like you’re not growing as a person? are you desperately looking for a business idea? or do you need a little inspiration to carry on with life? My answer; travel! The world has so much to offer you.  Give it a try and thank me later.

It’s not the same as you see on tv.

If you’re still not convinced at this point and you’re thinking ‘yh i don’t have to pay to go and see all these places cause i see it on tv’ let me stop you right there. It is not the same thing! You can’t smell or taste the food you see on tv neither can you feel the droplets of water on your skin from the waterfall you’re seeing on your screen.


If you’re African i bet you’ve seen videos that are titled ‘the Africa they don’t show you’. It is the same way the information you are getting about another place may be alternative facts lol. So why sit in your own bubble and let someone influence your perception about the world?

Finding yourself.

Are you lost in the sauce? Do you feel like you don’t know who you actually are because you’re  in your comfort zone? Go someplace that is out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself. In the process you’d get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

why the hell not? Im sure you’re convinced at this point so if you have the itch to travel but don’t know where to go? you can read my blog about travel tips.

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