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Great Expectations; less than 24 hours in Milan.


My experience in Milan was no different from Florence. I think the 4 main things that make a good trip are good food, good accommodation, easy transportation and most importantly having good company. I booked the hotel for Milan the day before we (Ylenia, my travel buddy and I ) got there (I’ll explain why in another blog post) and the best option was a best western which cost a little over £120 per night which was a little steep as it wasn’t part of my budget. When we got to the hotel I was disappointed, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting a 5-star standard hotel but neither was I expecting a travel lodge budget hotel standard, but it was even worse. The curtains and throw looked like they took them from a Bed and Breakfast in an English village, the bathroom had stains in it that made it look dirty and gross, there was nothing modern about this hotel.

When I got to the hotel it was a little after midday, I had been sleeping on the train so I wanted to freshen up before going out to see the city so I called and asked for a dental kit. The next morning, I called and asked for another one and the receptionist said “again? Did you not ask for one the day before? *insert gif of your choice*. On top of that, the breakfast I paid  €10 for, thinking I had hit a jackpot, was rubbish. I was expecting a full English breakfast, juicy bacon with a bit of a crunch, nice warm baked beans, fresh croissants, I can’t begin to explain how stale the croissants were and how dry the cold cuts were.


Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and one of the best worldwide after New York and Paris. I spent half of the time staring at people, rude I know, but I couldn’t help admiring their sense of style. It was almost like everyone there was dressed for a fashion show. I loved how the men dressed, their suits were not the normal boring work suits, there was always something different about theirs. They weren’t scared of wearing bold colours, adding accessories, some popped a few of their shirt buttons giving you a peep of what’s underneath, I don’t know what exactly made them look so cool to me but there was always a wow factor about their style.


Forever talking while taking pictures.


Almost every Italian I know told me I had to try lasagna in Milan. A few hours before I left I just dashed into the closest cafe and ordered some. The one I got was a little dry and I promise, Nico, my Italian friend’s lasagna, is still the best I’ve had so far. The pizza I had the day before was amazing, I finished the whole thing by myself. I tried an Aperol for the first time for brunch, don’t judge me lol, and it was very refreshing. But of course, gelato was the order of the day for me, with a million flavours to choose from I always ordered baccio and vanilla.


Milan is a really beautiful city and there are so many places to visit. The first place on my list was the Duomo and it was absolutely breath taking! The second place on my list was Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which was right next to the Duomo. It’s a shopping centre famous for housing brands like Prada, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton etc. I really wanted to go to Navigli for a night out but I ended up sitting at a bar all alone, downstairs next to my hotel like a broken hearted girl. I watched other people party the night away and I surprisingly enjoyed myself.



My overall experience in Milan was good, I learned and experienced a lot in such a short time. I would definitely like to go back and spend more time there.




Rome In Less Than 36 hours!

Rome, a city built on seven hills, often described as lasagna by the locals because each time they dug the earth to start a project, they found another layer of an undiscovered part of ancient Rome. In an area close to the Colosseum, for the past ten years, they have been trying to construct a train line, however, each time they dig the ground, they discover secret tunnels or caves that need to be preserved and as a result, reroute the train line, and this has been going on for a decade.

Day 1

Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

In order to explore the main sites of Rome within this short period, I will advise that you get a hotel in town. Fortunately for me, my friend’s sister who had lived there for two years booked a hotel for us and it was in the centre of Rome but I had no idea how close it was to most of the tourist attractions. I walked a few meters from the hotel, found Piazza del Popolo, kept walking straight and literally walked into designer store heaven, which was a street with every designer store you can think off. After a few meters, I saw some steps and I was in denial that those were the Spanish steps right in front of me, unbelievable. The cherry on the icing, the Trevi fountain was less than a five-minute walk from there. So for my first day in Rome, I visited the three places mentioned above, went shopping and had dinner.

At the Spanish Steps

At the Trevi fountain with my travel buddy.


Living in the centre means you can walk everywhere. With all the pasta and gelato I had eaten, I had no problem walking around the whole city to burn a few calories. Okay, that wasn’t the main reason why I walked the entire time but firstly, they just had uber black and above in Rome which meant higher fares for me. Secondly, most of the time I compared how long it was going to take to walk to a location by how long it was going to take by driving or by public transport, walking was almost the same as driving or going by public transport. Thirdly, you save money doing this. You will also discover so much in the streets while walking and have time to stop, stare, admire and be admired… lol. Lastly, it was flattering when the men yelled “Ciao Bella” at us in the streets lol.

In relation to walking, make sure you have comfortable shoes. I made a mistake and wore sandals, apart from the fact that my feet got dusty at the end of the day, my feet hurt so bad. The streets of Rome are mainly cobbled stones which are not very easy on the feet. You would need shoes that are cushioned on the inside, I’d say ditch the sandals or heels or wedges and wear sneakers to save yourself the stress. I read a blog post that said the exact same thing about sandals, I ignored it and on both days I wore sandals, boy did I regret it!

Day 2

Vatican City

I set off at 10 am to explore the city, which is late if you want to visit the Vatican. It took me about 40 mins to walk there which for some reason wasn’t tedious, it was rather relaxing for me. On arrival the area was packed with tourists and tour guides trying to secure tour groups, there was an army of soldiers in the area which at this point had become normal to me as they can be found in every corner. The queue to enter the St. Sistine Chapel was extremely long, I was thirsty and the sun was scorching so it wasn’t difficult for me to skip this. I tried to get water from a vendor and the price was almost 4 times the normal price of water, went to a different vendor, my friend spoke Italian and got it for the normal price. If possible you should try and avoid buying souvenirs, food, drinks or anything around tourist attractions they tend to exploit tourists. Also avoid people handing out roses or anything else around these places, once you take the item they demand money.

Queue at the Vatican.

The queue at the Vatican.

Colosseum and Roman ruins

Walking from there to the Colosseum was another 45 mins if I remember correctly and at this point, I was worn out. On our way, we saw the Castel Sant’Angelo which I had no clue existed, took some pictures. Carried on and stopped a couple hundred times more to regain some energy.


Save yourself the stress and book a tour. It is just a few extra euros more than the standard ticket prices. Plus you get to learn a whole lot more. You can also download this app tiqets and book your tickets ahead of time to cross the lines, had known this earlier I would have gone to the Vatican. Needless to say, it is always advisable to book your tour at least a day before. The tour I booked cost 35 euros which was just about 7 euros more than the regular tickets I had to queue for. My travel buddy didn’t come for this tour with me. It was a two-hour tour of the Roman ruins which was very informative but if you have no interest in history I’ll suggest that you skip it, and an hour tour of the Colosseum.



Roman Ruins


The Colosseum.

I had strangers take pictures of me at both places and if you know me well, you’d know I hate taking pictures and cameras make me awkward. So even though I’ve got pictures of myself there, I’d save you guys from the awkwardness.

You could probably go and see a lot more places but you’d probably be exhausted at the end and not enjoy your time. I will recommend that at night, you find somewhere nice to have dinner, somewhere locals go cause that’s where you’d find the best Italian dishes. Avoid restaurants close to tourist attractions they tend to be very expensive.




Puglia: Southern Italy.

While most people visit the northern cities of Italy, for me, the south is where you experience the true heart of Italy.

Why I love the south of Italy.

My answer is very simple. The entire south of Italy is very dreamy, it feels like a scene you imagined from a storybook you read. The rustic stone walls cutting across vast lands of olive and cherry trees and unending fields with rolled straws and gorgeous horses leisurely feeding. Birds chirping and the wind whistling through the leaves of the trees. Starry night skies with the biggest brightest moon ever. If you’re looking to get away from a chaotic city to relax, my best bet will be to visit any city in this region.

Historic towns

Cobbled stoned alleyways that will leave you wandering through white washed buildings with pretty windows and aesthetic balconies. The historic towns have the best places to eat traditional dishes and gelato. You can also find the best bars to go to at night over there. It’s where the locals go to for their chilled nights out. The oldest chapel or cathedrals in the towns are normally located there.


These are a few towns I visited and what I loved most about them.


This town is popular for one thing, Trullo. Trulli, the plural of Trullo, are cone-shaped buildings built with stones which are strategically placed such that if one particular stone is removed the entire building comes down. In the past, people did this to evade property tax (so smart.. I know lol). They are also built such that during the winter, it is warm inside and on hot summer days, it is cool on the inside. If you do find yourself here, be sure to book one to stay in. I got the chance to enter one and it was very cosy.

Arbelobello, Trulli.



This translates to the white town. The entire town, well most of it has white buildings and from afar all you see is a town of white buildings, hence its name. I didn’t get to see much of it. I was there for a few hours at the Saturday market and this is where I fell in love with olives. The market has a wide variety of clothing items, shoes and fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to drive a hard bargain and you’d go home with a bag of goodies for really cheap.

Ostuni Saturday market.


Martina Franca

For a somewhat buzzing night out, this is the town you’d want to visit. It has so many bars and young people roaming the streets in the centre of the town at night. The bars there do not require you to dress formally, they have the ‘hippie’ vibe and are very laid back but still bare in mind that, even when casual, Italians know how to show up and show out.



The historic centre of this town is situated on a hill. Like a typical Southern town, it has beautiful alleyways but what makes it special is that the valley beneath, Itria Valley, is where three towns meet, Locorotondo, Cisterino and Martina Franca. The locals refer to this valley as the view of the sea because sometimes they wake up to a fog covering the valley and it looks like the sea. This town also has a beautiful countryside dotted with Trulli and this is where I spent most of my time in Italy. For a goodnight out, you can visit PP&B for amazing cocktails and Docks for good music and a much lively ambience.




One of the big cities in the south, for shopping you would find a lot of Italian designers, some expensive and some affordable. There are also loads of places to eat but I will recommend Double Zero (00). Lecce was the first place I saw Mcdonalds at after 10 days in the south. I went horse riding for the first time ever and it was one of the best things I did this summer. This is one of the best ways to experience the countryside, I felt like Khalisi from game of thrones.


Double zero (00)


Lecce, centre


A beautiful coastal town with a lot of history. The beach is so blue and crystal clear. There are tons of people there so it almost feels like you don’t have enough space to really enjoy the beach but it’s really not that bad. I had an amazing time there because I was there with some pretty amazing people. The historic centre is recognised by UNESCO as a  Culture of peace messenger site. The history of this town is a little grim with the massacres of hundreds of people by the Turkish. However, the town no longer bears that darkness. Aside from the beach and the historic town I also went to an old bauxite site, which looks like a pit of rainbow. The colours of the different layers of soil and the water that has collected in this large hole are what makes it look like the rainbow. It is absolutely stunning. Maybe someday my photography skills will be off the chain and I will be able to capture images exactly how I see them.


One thing you’d have to take note of is that the transport systems within these towns aren’t that great. There’s no uber, no taxis and no buses within these towns. It will be better to rent a car or a scooter to get around the towns to really explore them. However, there are trains to get you from one town to another.






I’m currently planning my trips for the summer and applying for visa is my WORST nightmare. I honestly love being Ghanaian, from my accent, the way I look, the way I express myself with the ah’s and oh’s and ei’s, and everything else associated with being Ghanaian, but the one thing that officially identifies me internationally as a Ghanaian is really killing my vibe.

Imagine being able to travel all over the world without ever needing to apply for a visa, not paying for visa fees and not to mention priority fees when you need to travel urgently, avoiding the long queues and the awkward silences at application centres that come with the occasional outbursts of anger from the man in the suit who is running late for his next meeting, the anxiety of not knowing the status of your visa after paying sums of money that are non refundable and worst part, not getting the visa after going through all this stress! If this is your reality bless you, if not i feel your pain.

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Why travel?

I’ll tell you why. These are 10 reasons why i think you should and if this does not convince you then maybe you need a few therapy sessions.

There’s a lot to see.

I could bore you with facts about the measurements of the earth but I’ll save you the time and just tell you that despite the world being a global village, in actuality, it is still very ginormous! It could literally take you 11 years just to walk around it so why would you want live in just one tiny part of it all your life? Don’t you think could be missing out on something great somewhere? There is a lot more to see outside your little bubble. So just do it, go on and pack a bag and go someplace new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a different country or continent, it could be a different region, or county, or state.


It’s a lot easier than you think it is.

I know and understand that there’s the money factor and visa factor, trust me i know the struggle of having a green passport and a bank account that doesn’t match your fancy but truthfully, you don’t need a luxurious holiday to actually have a good time. In this day and age all you need for a perfect holiday is the internet and enough cash (not tons of it) to get around and you’re good to go. With the internet you’d have access to google maps, uber to go anywhere in case you have trouble using public transport. Wherever you are you would have ready information about what to do and places to go. Getting lost or stranded should be difficult. So go on, plan that trip already!




The experiences you get from travelling are just priceless. The memories you make, the interactions you have with different souls, the state of awe you’re in from seeing new things, it’s just an amazing feeling. It leaves lasting impressions in your heart, mind and soul that  that no book or video can give you, you wouldn’t trade for anything. And also you’d have the most amazing bar stories to tell!



Tap into your adventurous side.

Everyone has a bit of wanderlust in them. I’m pretty sure you’ve imagined before what it feels like to sky dive, surf waves, zip line, snorkel and all these exciting and daring things you haven’t done before. Why not make your dream come true? Give yourself that satisfation.

Its education.

Classroom education is good don’t get me wrong but the knowledge you acquire when travel and experience new things, you can’t get it from a text book.  What is better than learning about the history of a group of people than for the people themselves?




Are you a writer or a content creator? do you feel like you’re not growing as a person? are you desperately looking for a business idea? or do you need a little inspiration to carry on with life? My answer; travel! The world has so much to offer you.  Give it a try and thank me later.

It’s not the same as you see on tv.

If you’re still not convinced at this point and you’re thinking ‘yh i don’t have to pay to go and see all these places cause i see it on tv’ let me stop you right there. It is not the same thing! You can’t smell or taste the food you see on tv neither can you feel the droplets of water on your skin from the waterfall you’re seeing on your screen.


If you’re African i bet you’ve seen videos that are titled ‘the Africa they don’t show you’. It is the same way the information you are getting about another place may be alternative facts lol. So why sit in your own bubble and let someone influence your perception about the world?

Finding yourself.

Are you lost in the sauce? Do you feel like you don’t know who you actually are because you’re  in your comfort zone? Go someplace that is out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself. In the process you’d get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

why the hell not? Im sure you’re convinced at this point so if you have the itch to travel but don’t know where to go? you can read my blog about travel tips.