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Honestly, my first post had to be about Dubai, I visited there 3 times last year and spent a total of about nine weeks there all together, it should be my second home. And even though, I spent quite a long time there I am always stunned by the beauty of this city, the buildings, the cars and the lavish lifestyle, it blows my mind all the time.

I always say that you do not need to blow tonnes of cash to have a good time when you go on holiday. Dubai can be quite expensive so here are my tips and tricks for avoiding spending a whole lot of money.


Deciding on what time of the year to go to Dubai is key. If it is winter or during the holidays wherever you are, chances are, ticket prices will be sky rocketing as everyone would want to travel to catch some sun. If it is blazing hot in Dubai, people tend to avoid it but ticket prices are cheaper. If you want to avoid the stress of knowing when fares will be cheaper, you could always buy travel packages from Groupon or any other website or travel agency. However, if you live in Ghana I find that the ticket prices stay somewhat the same throughout the year but vary gravely with how close to your travel date you purchase your ticket.

When I visited Dubai, I went in March through to April, June and December. And I must say I had the best times during March and April. It wasn’t too hot, there were quite a number of people there on holiday as well so the city was lively. In June, there was Ramadan, which meant, no clubs opened and restaurants opened after Iftar, that is when they break fast, the sun was on a 100 and there weren’t many tourists. You were not allowed to eat or drink anything in public as it is considered rude and disrespectful to the people fast. Basically, all the “fun” activities were limited. Aside from that, hotels were generally cheaper during this period.  In December, I find that hotels and tickets were much pricier but the New Years fireworks would make it worth every penny.


I think it is advisable to get a hotel apartment, that way you can make your own meals which mean you’d spend less on eating out.

You should also make sure to pick a hotel that has shuttle services. This saves you so much money! Some hotels have shuttle services that go to malls, beaches and other tourist attractions so be sure to look out for that.

Having a ball in Dubai on a budget depends on which area you choose to stay. I find that Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), is the perfect place for ballers on a budget. You get the most postcard picture worthy views from almost any hotel.

It is also close to the beach so you can easily walk to the beach and have fun in the water during the day and at night JBR comes alive! There are so many places to eat from, shisha bars, and be sure to check out Barasti beach for a fun night out (P.s they serve alcohol).


You can find a bit of almost every country in Dubai and food is not an exception. I tried Nigerian food for the first time in Dubai…I know. There’s a wide selection of restaurants to pick from. However, if you’re not looking to spend a lot on food, can also use Groupon Dubai or Tabalat for amazing meal deals.



If your hotel has shuttle services, you’re covered for the most part of it, however if you find yourself in a hotel that doesn’t provide these services, the taxi fares are not that expensive and you would never have an issue with drivers trying to cheat you because all the taxis belong to the government and they have meters. The laws in Dubai work and are quite strict. You could also travel around with the metro, it is relatively cheap.


There are load of activities to do in Dubai. From the famous desert tours to amazing water parks, sky diving to exclusive theatrical performances. I’ll advice that you book your tickets online, ahead of time, for cheaper prices and also to avoid long queues. You could also surf the internet for discounts and deals.

Groupon Dubai is your best friend!