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Places to go to in Bangkok and beyond



There is so much to do in this diverse metropolis. It’s filled with skyscrapers, bright lights and dotted with the most beautiful temples. It’s a huge city immersed in its culture. It felt very much like home(Ghana) and although Bangkok is much more developed there are so many things that were relatable.

My mind is all over the place cause as I’m trying to write this, I’m reliving my entire experience. It was really nice living there. But I promise to keep it together and not rumble.

Safari world.

I think zoos are a really great idea, you get to see all the animals you’ve seen on nat geo wild without necessary having the experience of being attacked by one, however, I feel bad for the animals being held in captivity. It’s almost like slavery, being taken from their natural habitats, caged, forced to learn tricks for performances to entertain crowds and not having the freedom to move around freely. Tell me that is not reason enough to not enjoy going to the zoo. But to make myself feel better, I think to myself that, they could have had it worse in the wild, poached by illegal hunters for their body parts or skinned alive for a fur coat or a Birkin bag, plus they are well fed and taken care off.


Safari world is a good place to go with your family. There is a marine park which you get to walk through and a safari drive as well. There are tons of animals and animal shows to see and the setting for the zoo is better as compared to other zoo’s I’ve been to, this one has lots of trees so it somewhat feels like a forest and the weather is not much different from the habitats of most of the animals. It’s very tropical and gets uber hot over there. I’ve been there twice, once on a public holiday which was also a Saturday and the second time was on a Friday, be sure to avoid both times, it was crowded. The highlights for me were feeding the giraffes and the elephant show. They have the biggest herd of giraffes in the world with over 200 giraffes.


Ancient city.

I’ve read many blogs on Bangkok and not many of them mention this tourist attraction but it’s where I had the most fun. It is about 45 mins away from the city and it’s basically a huge park in the shape of Thailand that spreads across 200 acres of land with miniature rebuilds of key temples in Thailand. What got me excited was the fact that you could either ride a bicycle around the park for free or pay a small amount for a go-cart. Of course, I chose to ride a bicycle because I hadn’t done that in ages. I got a little too excited didn’t  take enough photos. But it’s really pretty over there, I would definitely go back there if I visit Bangkok again.


Damnoen Saduak floating market.

It’s the best floating market to visit, however, it is quite a distance from the city. It’s about an hour and 20 minutes from the city. Part of the drive there reminds me of the central region in Ghana. I can’t pinpoint what exactly makes it similar but it just does. You can get tickets from the entrance. The prices vary based on what activity you would like to do. I had no idea there was so much to do there, you can ride an elephant to the river and give it a bath and bond with it, there are alligator and cobra shows as well or you can take a boat ride through the canals and to the floating market. The ride through the canals is about 20 mins depending on how often you stop to look or buy from the stalls by the canals. When you get to the floating market, you can either get out of the boat and walk around the market on the land or stay in the boat and just buy goods from people selling on boats. The package also included a visit to a temple, even though we didn’t go inside, the ride to the temple was quite interesting because we got to see how they live by the river.








The Grand Palace and Emerald Temple.

Words can’t describe the grandeur of this place, every last detail of every building in this area is absolutely spectacular. And the craziest part is everything is handmade, all the tiles, buildings, mouldings, art and statutes. It is even more beautiful at night when it’s lit up. It will be best to have a tour guide or use a map because there is a lot of history condensed within that area, every statute and every building has a story behind it. But like any popular tourist place you need to avoid peak times. The grand palace is one of the most popular places in Thailand and tourist flunk in from all over the world so it gets really crowded. If you do not want to take pictures without a thousand people in it, you may want to go as early as you can. You need to be careful about scammers around the temple, if anyone tells you the temple is closed or another temple that isn’t opened to tourists has been opened for on a one-time basis, ignore them. Basically, ignore everyone who speaks to you, unless you’re a 100% sure that they are the Thai police. You would have to dress appropriately, for women, arms and knees covered and for me no shorts or muscle tees.



Jim Thompson House.

The Jim Thompson house was one of my favourite places to visit. I took the train from klong thong and got off at the ….. stop and had to walk for about five minutes by the river and like any other day in Bangkok, it was hot and I was sweating bullets. Jim Thompson was the first American who moved to Thailand to sell Thai silk, however, one day he went to Malaysia and was never seen again. Sources say he was a former CIA official and this could have been the reason for his sudden disappearance. His home till today is such a lovely place, it is made of seven different houses put together. It’s such a serene place with a nice little garden, fountains and ponds. The interior of the house is a blend of culture and because he loved to collect art every piece in the house has an amazing story behind it. It’s a good place to visit if you’re looking for a chilled and not too touristy place to visit.

jim Thompson house



Asiatique is a night market for tourists. They sell mainly clothes, souvenirs and leather goods. You can find crocodile skinned bags that cost the same as a Birkin bag, and basically every other exotic skin you probably never heard off. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the Chanel and Prada bags they have in the stalls are original. If you come across anything branded, chances are, it is a knockoff. If you’re fine with that, then go for it, they make really good dupes. Just don’t be deceived. Once you get tired and want something to eat, you can get food from tons of decent restaurants at very affordable prices. They also have fun stuff to do there. You can go on some rides, play some arcade games or watch a movie at the cinema. The massages there are the best and can be as cheap as 5 pounds for a one hour massage or if you want you can get a fish pedicure. I couldn’t do that because I always imagine that there would be a piranha in that tank that will eat my foot off lol.

Lumpini Park

This park was just a 10-minute walk from the hotel I stayed at but sadly I went there just once. I never woke up early enough to avoid the blazing sun and I was always too tired or occupied around sundown. It was a delightful place to be, a total contrast from the city, it’s a breath of fresh air, very calm. It’s a good place to exercise and relax. They have yoga and aerobic classes in the park or you could enjoy a water activity.

Chatuchak weekend market

Its the biggest weekend market in the world and one of the biggest markets in the world, you can find anything and everything here, from scorpions on sticks as a snack to exotic animals and although its illegal, I even heard they sell elephants there too.  The rarest find for me was the skin of an albino crocodile hanging at its full length of about 9ft.

My overall experience there was amazing, and I’d do it all over again, maybe not anytime soon but definitely in the future. Ka-poon-kaah!