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A series of unfortunate events in Firenze!

I got to Florence a few hours past midday, I had travelled a little further north from Rome and immediately noticed the difference in weather. Maybe it could have just been a not so bright day, but it was a bit gloomy there but obviously not as gloomy as Manchester. And for the first time in 12 days since I was in Italy, there was a hint of rain. It didn’t pour for hours but there was just a slight drizzle.

I usually try hard not to complain about stuff, but this time my cup had runneth over child! After a long train ride from Rome and an already exhausting time being there, I got to Florence and initially, when I checked Google maps for how long it will take to get to the apartment we had booked, it said 19 mins by bus. Which meant that it wasn’t that far from the station and the city centre because bus rides tend to take a lot longer because of all the stops they have to make. My friend double checked with the information point and was told that we had to catch a different bus which when I checked on my maps, would take 45 mins. At that point, I started to boil on the inside just a little bit.

For my luggage, I had a trolley that was about 20 kg and I was helping my friend with her tote that was stuffed with things. I had to hold my camera because my luggage was too full and I really couldn’t put the camera in an open tote that was sitting on top of my trolly. Bare in mind, I like to travel light, so here I was, with zero energy and aching feet, with all these things, being told that I had to walk 10 mins to catch the other bus. I was getting really close to my boiling point. I bet you’re asking: why didn’t you just take an uber? Because we had just bought our tickets for the bus.

As we approached the bus stop we saw two of the buses we were meant to get on, drive right past us, there may or may not have been a tear drop fall out of my eye. So we sat at the bus stop for roughly another 10 mins waiting and as if finally all the mishaps had ended, we saw the bus coming our way. We stamped our tickets, got on the bus and I was totally relieved to be finally on my way home. Two mins into the ride my friend checks her map and realises that we were going in the wrong direction. It was as if time froze, my heart was on fire, if I wasn’t the strong woman that I am, I would have balled my eyes when I found out we had to get off at the next stop which happened to be the train station. Back to square one, we had to do the long, tedious walk again. Halfway through the walk, I’ve had it, I had gone from the red angry face emoji to the steam coming out of the ear emoji. I say to my friend, lets book an Uber, even though we had already bought bus tickets. So I open my Uber app ready to just throw myself in the backseat of whatever car, to my surprise, Uber yet available in that region.

Bare in mind, I had made the bookings for accommodation for this city, so as we kept driving and driving through the town and finally further away from it, I’m starting to feel guilty as if I had booked a place too far from town. We get to the apartment, and it was beautiful. It was worth every penny. It smelt so fresh, everything was clean, fresh and it was very spacious. I felt at home immediately! It looked like what you’d expect an Italian villa to look like on the inside.

I had to do a bit of laundry because I was going to Milan next and then Berlin and for both cities, I had booked to stay in a hotel and there is no chance in hell that I was going to pay for my clothes to be laundered. I washed my favourite pair of white shorts and hang them outside to dry overnight, went out after and had a jolly good time. The next morning I woke up feeling very positive and ready for Milan. I went out to explore some more of Florence cause we had a few hours to kill before our train. You’d think I’d have learnt my lesson to buy my tickets ahead of time! We couldn’t get into any of the places we had planned to visit! But that was ok, everything was going fine because I had some gelato and forgotten about everything until I was on the train to Milan and then suddenly hit me out of nowhere, I had left my perfectly cut Zara shorts on the balcony in Florence. I bought it for full price! I never buy Zara shorts for full price? For Fudge’s sakes! could things get any worse?